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After 30 years of continued innovation, we're proud to be able to continue to support Knowledge Bowl with our newest model, the 100C Knowledge Bowl Timer. The Model 100C Knowledge Bowl Timer features a lighter, more streamlined, bar design, and a more compact case. You can still expect the same rugged materials built to stand up to day to day use.

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What's New

The 100C features

  • All removable cables
  • USB power and control
  • Single button moderator control

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How to Order

V&V Systems sells directly to schools, booster clubs, and individuals.

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While V&V Systems products are designed for durability and long life, occasionally repairs may be required. Should your unit need servicing, we're here to assist you.

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100C Knowledge Bowl Timer

The 100C is used in Knowledge Bowl competition to determine which team responded first second and third and then to measure the time for a team to provide their answer.

The 100C kit consists of:

New Features

The 100C has several new features to improve functionality and maintenance

Removable cables - All 100C cables are now connectorized. This not only removes one of the most common points of failure, but also allows for easily replacement and packing:

USB power and control - The 100C is now equipped with a micro-USB connector for both power and control. Power can be provided by an wall mounted power supply (included), a USB battery pack (for mobility) or a laptop. The USB port, when connected to a PC, can also control the 100C as well as provide the moderator with an additional view of the front panel information. For more details, download the 100C Application Note (PDF)

Five second countdown - Assisting the moderator to time the interval from the end of asking the question and waiting for a team to respond, the five second countdown timer will beep if no team has responded in the allowed time.

Single button moderator control - The moderator can now control the 100C with a new streamlined single button control. A single click will start the five second countdown (above) before a team has responded or reset the clock once a question is active. A click and hold will reset all in preparation for the next question.


The 100C consists of one timer and three touch bars along with required cables and power supply.

Item Price
100C Knowledge Bowl Timer with 3 response bars in shipping tube $520.00
Shipping and Handling 15.00
WA State Sales Tax (see note below) 55.64
Total $590.64
Note: Sales tax is applicable for all orders shipped to addresses in Washington state and will be computed at time of order shipment based on the specific delivery address.

Replacement bars are available. Please contact Sales for more information.

Terms and Conditions

Purchase orders are accepted from all public and private educational institutions. Sorry, we do not accept credit cards. Please email POs to Sales or send POs to:
V&V Systems
10024 NE 13th St
Bellevue, WA 98004
Fax (425) 467-7177
You may also contact info@VandV-Systems.com for orders and status.


While V&V Systems products are designed for durability and long life, occasionally repairs may be required. Should your unit need servicing, please follow these steps: