V&V Systems 100C

V&V Systems 100C

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The 100C features

  • All removable cables
  • USB power and control
  • Single button moderator control

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Setup requires just a few connections

  • Bars
  • Moderator
  • Power

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The timer is very easy to use and is controlled by a single button moderator control pendant.


100C Knowledge Bowl Timer

The 100C is used in Knowledge Bowl competition to determine which team responded first second and third and then to measure the time for a team to provide their answer.

New Features

The 100C has several new features to improve functionality and maintenance

Removable cables - All 100C cables are now connectorized. This not only removes one of the most common points of failure, but also allows for easily replacement and packing:

Five second countdown - Assisting the moderator to time the interval from the end of asking the question and waiting for a team to respond, the five second countdown timer will beep if no team has responded in the allowed time.

Single button moderator control - The moderator can now control the 100C with a new streamlined single button control. A single click will start the five second countdown (above) before a team has responded or reset the clock once a question is active. A click and hold will reset all in preparation for the next question.


The 100C kit consists of:


The timer is very light-weight and the cables weigh more than the timer does so a book or a piece of gaffer’s tape on the cables may prevent the timer from sliding around.

The connection to the 100C is standard USB so as an alternative to the wall mounted power supply, you can also power the timer with a USB battery pack or laptop's USB port.


Front Panel Display

The front panel display has five digits - a two digit time display on the left and three team displays to the right.

When the timer powers up, it takes a number of actions:

Moderator Control

The moderator control manages all the functions of the timer. The moderator pendant switch can do three things:

Software Version

The 100C timer is continually improving and each software version adds new features and services. To determine the software version, press and hold the moderator control button when powering up the timer. The software version will be displayed on the front panel display for five seconds before continuing on with the normal power up process. When reporting any troubles, please include the version along with any other symptoms.

Remote Control

The 100C is now equipped with a micro-USB connector for both power and control. Power can be provided by an wall mounted power supply (included), a USB battery pack (for mobility) or a laptop. The USB port, when connected to a PC, can also control the 100C as well as provide the moderator with an additional view of the front panel information. For more details, download the 100C Application Note (PDF)

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